We provide practical solutions for all of your creative needs.

With years of proven experience in event production working with top tier clients; We fulfill and provide support for any and all creative needs. We thrive in the unknown and serve to solve challenges that have not yet existed in order to bring creative ideas to fruition.

As cultural contributors and consumers; We are passionate about creating unique content & experiences that push all mediums.


Did we mention that we like to be challenged?

Notable clients include:  VICE, YouTube, Okayplayer, Nike Comm, Bombay Sapphire, Grey Goose, Soho house, Adidas and others.




Production Management


We take care of all technical aspects related to event production. We are effectively a one stop shop and point of contact and we work to ensure that the experience goes smoothly.

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Technical and Creative Direction and Consultation

Partnering with our clients using the newest technology in order to create unique experiences and bring creative ideas to life!

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Live and Virtual

Content / Talent Management

We support our clients in producing live and virtual events that can be executed and experienced safely by wide audiences.


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